Selco S.Parkle

Selco S.parkle is a natural culture diet for a sparkling, consistent and performant rotifer culture.

S.parkle offers you a performing and cost-effective product that allows -as the name suggests- a sparkling clean rotifer production. It is formulated with high quality, protected ingredients and manufactured following INVE Aquaculture’s renowned strict quality control process.

S.parkle is suited for very short and highly productive cycles starting from any density. It allows consecutive batch productions and lets rotifer generations be re-inoculated for up to 50 consecutive runs.


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S.parkle shows the following characteristics:


S.parkle has an optimal behaviour in the culture tank, the surface is sparkling clean without foam formation, and flock formation is reduced to a minimum, resulting in an optimal rotifer performance.


S.parkle is formulated with high quality protected components and purified ingredients following a strict quality control protocol, leading to a consistent product aspect with a nice green algal-like colour.


S.parkle is suitable for very short and productive cycles in any condition, allowing rotifer generations to be re-inoculated up to 50 consecutive runs.


S.parkle is cost-effective and easy to use

Packaging : 1 kg

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