Pakan Udang Lorica

Lorica is the most advanced functional health feed for farmed shrimp, and is designed to strengthen the shrimp before and during environmental and bacterial challenges.

For optimal yield, it is vital to maintain ideal pond quality. Dosage should be adjusted to conditions by monitoring consumption. 


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Strengthening essential barriers

Lorica supports the primary defences of shrimp from environmental threats. It also acts to improve the structure of the digestive tract and hepatopancreas, and their ability to resist pathogens.

Functional ingredients

Lorica diets contain a complex profile of innovative functional ingredients designed to safeguard shrimp during challenging phases in their life cycle, including transfer and handling.

Population safeguarding

Improved shielding of a shrimp from pathogenic bacteria not only improves the viability of that individual but reduces the potential of release of bacteria to infect other shrimp. This concept reduces the epidemic potential of an infection outbreak.


Enhanced immune systems

Lorica’s unique formulations deliver invaluable support to the immune responses of shrimp. They also enable shrimp to be better able to cope with stress factors, such as pathogenic challenges.

Safeguarding nutrients

Lorica supports the integrity and function of the hepatopancreas to maintain optimal nutrient absorption.


Withstanding threats

Lorica tips the balance in favour of the shrimp in the battle against hostile microbes and environmental threats by supporting immunological and structural mechanisms.

Easing bacterial impacts

Lorica’s component ingredients work together to assist shrimp health. They attack harmful bacteria to reduce their numbers and also inhibit communication among bacteria to limit their impact.


It is recommended to use Lorica in the 2 weeks leading up to expected challenges, such as transfer and handling, and 2 weeks after the challenge event. Please ask your local Skretting feed specialist for specific recommendations.