Mackay Microfine Spirulina

Microfine Spirulina is a dried microscopic vegetable. It is a micro-alga blue-green edible containing an incredible amount of protein, beta-carotene and vitamin B-12. It is an ideal food for many aquatic organisms. Excellent for growing penaeids, freshwater shrimp, fish larvae, and even Artemia.


Rp. 450.000

Features and benefits:

·       It has been shown that by feeding Spirulina Microfine fertility and reproduction is increased, the weight per gram and also improves the coloration.

·       Flavored soft alga.

·       The products are produced in a plant inspected and approved by VS (or UDAF).

·       The product have been handled, prepared, packed and stored in order to avoid contamination.

·       Mackay Marine products obtained negative results of the following viruses:

o   Taura syndrome.

o   White Spot Virus.

o   Yellow Head Virus.

o   Salmonella

·       This product is for use in animals not for human consumption

Guaranteed Analysis: " Crude Protein 60-70% " Carbohydrates 15-25% " Crude fat 6-8% " Crude fiber 8-10% " Minerals 7-10% " Moisture 3-7% Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, not to exceed 21 ° C. / 70 ° F. Packaging : 500 gram can (12 cans per carton)

Kemasan : 500 g

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