EZ Larva 2

EZ Larva is formulated as a completely balanced diet designed to culture shrimp during their larval and post larval stages. EZ Larva micro-capsulated particles have soft moist texture and the ingredients have been selected for their high quality, attractability, digestibility, and freedom from pathogenic shrimp viruses such as WSSV, YHV, and TSV. Manufacturing uses a cold process to preserve sensitive nutrients, pigments, omega-3 fatty acids, enzymes, and other nutrients naturally present.


Rp. 1.750.000

Features & Benefits:

  • Accelerates growth and shortens larvae culture by 3 days – stronger PL’s.
  • Consistently demonstrates survivals > 70%.
  • Replaces > 75% Artemia requirement.
  • Contains  (Vitality Pak) to enhance disease resistance.
  • More PL’s yield increased profits.
  • Does not foul water – minimizes leaching.
  • Improved digestibility.
  • Probiotics added to aid in larval digestion, water quality and pathogen control.
  • Micro-capsulated liquid (pours easily) – easy to mix and distribute in water.

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