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Lowongan Kerja Perikanan di Forever Ocean Corporation

| Mon, 08 Aug 2022 - 09:21

Dibuka lowongan kerja perikanan terbaru pada posisi Hatchery Technician di Forever Ocean Corporation  yang akan ditempatkan di Likupang,  Sulawesi Utara pada tahun 2022 ini. Forever Ocean Corporation adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang penghasil seafood yang berkualitas tinggi. Berikut merupakan deskripsi lowongan kerja perikanan pada perusahaan tersebut:

Required Expertise:

This role requires a minimum 3 years’ experience in the aquaculture or animal care industries or laboratory science technician position. Experience in all activities of the broodstock and/or live feed and/or larval rearing and/or nursery area, including: fish care principle, feeding strategies, aquaculture production systems, selection of fish, extracting mortality, tank cleaning, equipment maintenance (or coordination thereof), and/or similar activities, hygiene and biosecurity, production and application of live feeds. Must have good communication skills (fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia) and computer skills (particularly MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). Must be extremely detail-oriented and able to follow complex, rigorous written work procedures.


Desired Expertise:

The ideal candidate will have experience in warm water marine fish hatcheries and/or cages (caring for broodstock, larval rearing, live feed production) to produce million fingerlings per year.. Fully knowledgeable in technical monitoring parameters of the specific fish being managed and recirculation system components and operations. Mechanical aptitude. Plumbing and carpentry skills.



Hatchery Technician will report directly to Hatchery Manager. They conduct all husbandry and maintenance tasks required in the hatchery and/or cages area to maintain the health and productivity of the broodstock, ensure sufficient levels of larval production to supply nursery, ensure sufficient levels of larval production to supply to nursery, ensure sufficient of healthy fingerling production to supply to offshore farms.




- Feed application, storage, recordkeeping, and supply maintenance,

- Observation and monitoring of fish to ensure fish health, stress reduction, behavioral optimization and spawn performance

- Maintain unit biosecurity and abide by all Forever Oceans biosecurity protocols

- Basic tank husbandry including cleaning, mortality removal and sensor upkeep and oxygen system operation

- Harvest, assess, and grade spawned eggs

- Transfer viable eggs to incubator and oversee hatching process

- Operate and maintain broodstock area recirculation system (filters, protein skimmers, sumps, pumps, tanks and plumbing)

- As directed by Hatchery Manager, coordinate with other Technicians to transfer incubated eggs and post-hatch larvae to LR area

- Responsible for ensuring broodstock feed and supply order requisitions are compiled and provided to the Hatchery Manager in a timely manner

- Count daily feed production operations in live feeds

- Count zooplankton culture density, plan and execute daily automated feeding plan

- Enrich and harvest ripe rotifer and artemia nauplii, and transfer to cold bank Larval Rearing

- Re-establish starter cultures in harvested tanks

- Tank cleaning, equipment sterilization, and maintenance of biosecurity protocols

- Collect all relevant production and environmental data, maintain daily logs and produce weekly report for submission to Hatchery Manager

- Conduct daily larval rearing operations

- Culture tank maintenance and cleaning

- Larval sampling, gut content analysis, and growth assessments

- Maintain feed enrichment levels and apply live feeds to tank based on prey density calculations

- General maintenance, equipment sterilization and biosecurity procedures

- Collect all relevant production, feeding, and environmental data for daily log keeping and production of weekly reports.

- Other tasks assigned by Hatchery Manager.

Pendaftaran: Forever Ocean Corporotaion

Dapatkan informasi lowongan kerja secara rutin, langsung ke akun telegram dan email Anda melalui TalentaMina. Daftar disini!

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