Lowongan Kerja Perikanan di eFishery

| Tue, 15 Dec 2020 - 12:25

Dibuka lowongan kerja perikanan di bagian Customer Excellent Executive di eFishery  yang akan ditempatkan di Bandung. Perusahaan ini bergerak di bidang IoT untuk kegiatan akuakultur. Berikut merupakan deskripsi lowongan kerja perikanan pada perusahaan tersebut:

Job Description :

Your daily routine will be:

- Act as customers' representative to provide insight and recommendation into every process of sales, marketing, product improvement and other related sectors.

- Responsible in the process of data centralising for every areas of operations, account management as well as AR payment.

- Collaborate closely with other department in order to support expansion opportunities.

- Minimize customer's complaint and maximize customer's retention.

- Create well-design customer training dedicated for eFishery's points.

Requirements :

You'll enjoy (or survive, depends on) if you:

- Posses at least a Bachelor's/Professional degree from reputable university (Fisheries background is preferred).

- Have exceptional communication and computer skills.

- Have an extensive experience in customer success area for at least 2 years.

- Love to continuously learn new knowledge, have a professional demeanour, and will to work closely with farmers in various areas. 

Pendaftaran: eFishery

Lowongan Kerja Perikanan

Minapoli membantu calon tenaga kerja untuk menemukan lowongan pekerjaan perikanan yang sesuai dengan kriteria melalui artikel lowongan kerja, khususnya pada bidang perikanan dan kelautan. Melalui artikel ini, anda dapat menemukan kriteria yang perusahaan perikanan butuhkan. Loker pada perusahaan perikanan yang dapat anda temukan adalah seperti perusahaan pakan ikan, tambak udang, teknologi perikanan, kolam ikan, dan lain-lain yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia. Bebeberapa jenis pekerjaan perikanan yang dapat ditemukan adalah teknisi budidaya, marketing, sales, digital marketing, quality control, research & development, dan lain-lain.

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